Jim Cox Newest Recipient of BGC Lifetime Achievement Award

The CBH/SAA Big Game Club awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award to Jim Cox of Salinas, California. The award was presented on May 25th, as part of the Saturday night festivities at the 2016 CBH/SAA State Broadhead Championship at the Lodi Bowmen range. Jim was unable to attend due to family commitments but was contacted by cell phone to receive his award in front of the gathered crowd.

Jim started in archery at the age of five years old. He has hunted in many different states and countries during his career and his preferred hunting style is “still hunting”. Only twice has he used a tree stand and both times to take whitetail bucks. He loves the excitement and interaction of still hunting and it fits the terrain of the areas that he prefers to hunt. He has taken big game and small game animals in 16 different states, plus Africa, Australia, and Mexico. He has successfully taken Merino sheep and island hogs on Santa Cruz Island, as well as Spanish goats, island hogs, and buffalo on Catalina Island.

He has taken 100 Spanish goats, 30 island hogs, and 140 Merino sheep during the heyday of the island hunting at Santa Cruz and Catalina. He has nine elk from six different states and is looking forward to adding a California elk to that list. His fifty-nine mule deer from seven different states is an astounding number. He has arrowed seventy-three wild boar in California plus an additional fifteen in Australia. He also has a long list of small game to add to his massive library.

During the late 70s and early 80s there was a bow, mostly manufactured by Martin Archery called the Dynabo, to which Jim devoted much of his time improving on the design. The Dynabo incorporated a then novel idea of a draw stop at the shooters draw length. Unfortunately, the bow was not recognized for competition. Jim pushed hard to get the bow recognized and now, as you well know most bows are designed with draw stops and are recognized bows for tournaments by both NFAA and NAA.

In the late 90s he designed and patented a take-down compound bow. Bear Archery then manufactured the bow under Jim's patent. Unfortunately the bow really never took off but the concept was great.

Jim continues to support the bowhunting and archery through his shop (Jim Cox Adventures Archery Shop) in Salinas, California, by hosting CBH/SAA measuring clinics, organizing bowhunting activities, and teaching his beloved support to many newcomers. His wife, Sandee, is equally adept at bowhunting and has mirrored his success throughout the years. Their daughter, Tiffany, has twice been named Bowhunter of the year by the Big Game Club.

It is with an immense amount of pride that the Big Game Club announces this well-deserved award to Jim Cox. We congratulate him on his incredible career of success, and are honored that he has chosen to give so much back to the people of California.