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Doug Meeks – CA Bowhunting Elk Grand Slam

Posted by admin in Big Game Club News | March 19, 2013

On September 14, 2011, longtime CBH and BGC member Doug Meeks was successful in taking a 262 5/8” Roosevelt’s Elk. While any quality bull elk is worthy of bragging rights, Doug’s elk also landed him a place in history as he became the first bowhunter in North America (and quite possibly the world) to take all three species of California elk with a bow and arrow.

Doug’s journey began on January 1, 2005 when he harvested a Tule Elk measuring 181 5/8”. The Tule Elk is the smallest of the three elk species found in California. It is also a fact that the Tule Elk is found in only one place in North America – California! On December 28, 2009 Doug took his second leg of his unique trifecta when he arrowed a 316 1/8” American Elk. The American Elk is also known as the Rocky Mountain Elk in other states. Less than two years later he created history with his Roosevelt’s Elk.

Congratulations again to Doug Meeks – the proud owner of the very first California bowhunting Elk Grand Slam!