List of Awards

Bowhunter of the Year

Since the Big Game Club Banquet back in 1981 and every two years since then, The Big Game Club Committee has awarded to one or two individuals the honor of Bowhunter of the Year. These individuals were recognized sometimes for excellence in bowhunting, other times for accomplishments over a period of time, and often simply for a individuals continuing contributions to the California Bowmen Hunters Big Game Club, but always because the membership and the Big Game Club Committee respected the recipient.
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Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Selecting a Bowhunter of the Year recipient proved to be a difficult task. Voters were torn between honoring a bowhunter for his accomplishments or for an overall archer and their contribution to the sport.
A new award was needed to honor those persons who have dedicated their lives to the support and advancement of archery and bowhunting. A recipient would not be required to be a legendary bowhunter, but quite often a person’s ability to be an ambassador to the sport has a lot to do with their reputation. In other cases, the desire to be a great bowhunter is there, but Lady Luck may not have blessed some of us with the skills and ability to fill up the record book with trophy animals.
In 1999, The Big Game Club Records Committee voted to begin the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award to honor those members who have worked so tirelessly to provide us with the opportunity to bowhunt today.
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The Whitney-Hill Award

The Whitney-Hill Award is named after Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in California, and Howard Hill, one of archery’s finest marksman and bowhunter, both of which stand tall above all that surround them. The mountain and man represent the highest levels of achievement that California has to offer. This award was a design of the 1983 California Bowmen Hunters Big Game Committee out of admiration for fellow bowhunters that showed extraordinary skill and success in our sport.
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The Two-Year Award

Animals that are taken during the period of July 1st of the even-numbered years through June 30th of the odd-numbered years become eligible for the current Two-Year Awards Program. The top three animals of each species will be recognized at the Big Game Club Banquet and Awards Ceremony that is usually held in January of the odd-numbered years.
An animal that is taken outside of the current Two-Year Awards Period may also be entered for record book listing subject to approval by the Big Game Committee but shall not be eligible for two-year awards.
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