Submit Your Record

The Big Game Club was founded in 1962 in order to provide a record of big game animals taken by bowhunters in California. To date, there are more than 1700 different bowhunters with record book entries. The Big Game Club periodically publishes a Record Book listing all of these bowhunters and their accomplishments, with the newest edition being printed in 2009.

At the present time we are accepting record book entry applications for the following species with minimum scores are shown in the parentheses (Non-Typical entries will also need a minimum of non-typical points as shown behind the “/” mark).

Any of the animals listed below may be submitted for Record Book entry if they meet or exceed the listed minimum score, or for Species Credit if they fail to meet the record book minimum. You will not need to take the animal to a measurer for Species Credit application. When the application is approved you will receive a beautiful certificate suitable for framing to hang on your wall in honor of your achievement.

  1. Three photographs are required of antlers, horns, skulls, beard or tusks. This includes views from the front side, and a view from the left and right sides. Field photos taken at and submitted at the highest resolution are preferred if possible and are best viewed if taken at a 45 degree angle.

  2. A drying period of 60 day minimum in normal room temperature and humidity are require for drying consistence. All flesh must be removed from antlers, horns, skulls, or tusks. Thirty (30) days for hogs -Turkeys may be measured the same day; the beard and legs must remain attached for a full score credit

  3. A completed Harvest Report and signed and witnessed Affidavit. Harvest Report and Fair Chase Affidavit

  4. The Harvest Report and signed Affidavit must be on the back side of the Official Score Sheet, which is completed by the Official Measurer with California Bowmen Hunters. (List of Measurers). The measurer will make arrangements to score your animal and will have all of the necessary paperwork.

  5. A $10 Recording Fee (make payable to CBH/SAA Big Game Club).

  6. The Official Measurer will collect all of the above and submit the completed application.

Species List:

  • Black Bear (16)
  • Typical American Elk (120)
  • Non-Typical American Elk (134/7)
  • Typical Tule Elk (120)
  • Non-Typical Tule Elk (134/7)
  • Typical Roosevelt's Elk (120)
  • Non-Typical Roosevelt's Elk (134/7)
  • Typical Mule Deer (90)
  • Non-Typical Mule Deer (100/5)
  • Cougar ***
  • Pronghorn Antelope (57)
  • Typical Pacific Hybrid Deer (80)
  • Non-Typical Pacific Hybrid Deer (90/5)
  • Santa Cruz Merion Sheep **
  • Catalina Spanish Goat **
  • Typical lacktail Deer (75)
  • Non-Typical Blacktail Deer (85/5)
  • Island Hog **
  • Mainland Hog (23)
  • Desert Bighorn
  • Typical Turkey (7)
  • Non-Typical Turkey (7)
  • Coyote **
  • Bobcat ****
  • Ram (Any)


* Coyotes are accepted for species credit only and are not trophy measured.

** Island Hog, Merino Sheep, and Spanish Goat are no longer accepted for book credit. Entries may receive Species Credit subject to acceptance by the CBH/SAA Big Game Committee.

*** The California State Legislature suspended the sport hunting of the California cougar after February 28th, 1972.

**** The California State Legislature ended the sport hunting of the California Bobcat after December 31st, 2019.

For Species Credit, simply fill-out the application (completely), and send the application, a photo of the animal (see below), and a check for $10.00 payable to CBH/SAA and send to:

Mark Sasser, Records Chairman
8735 N Cedar Ave. Unit 107, Fresno CA 93720

Animals that are taken during the period of July 1st of the odd-numbered years through June 30th of the even-numbered years become eligible for the current Two-Year Awards Program. The top three animals of each species will be recognized at the Big Game Club Banquet and Awards Ceremony that is usually held during January of the odd-numbered years.