CBH-SAA Small Game Rules

Established July 1, 2013

The following rules have been set forth by the Small Game Committee in order to provide clear direction, and answer questions that the membership might have concerning the harvest of Small Game species.

The Small Game Club wants to be held to a high standard in the taking of all California Small Game species whether they are mammals, birds, reptiles, or amphibians. By following the rules set forth by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDF&W) our members will be protected in their time in the field thus providing for an even greater enjoyment of what we do.

  1. All species must be harvested by archery equipment that follows CDF&W specifications and rules.
  2. All species will only be counted in your list of species if harvested with an arrow. No entries will be accepted with a photograph of an arrow that is simply touching a species. This is a hunting club, not a capture or photograph club.
  3. All entries need to be sent in with a photograph or a witness signature (witnesses need not be present during at time of harvest of the species).
  4. All hunters are encouraged to send in photographs whenever possible, especially for tilapia and carp as we would like to post them in the Small Game Section of the Big Game Club web site and in future editions of our record book.
  5. All tilapia and carp entries must be weighed on a certified scale or on a Small Game Club scale at a recognized competition. Tilapia must weigh a minimum of three (3) pounds and carp must weigh a minimum of ten (10) pounds to be entered into the record book.
  6. There is no minimum weight required for tilapia and carp species credit entries.
  7. A certificate of harvest will be sent to the member for every species turned in, and the entry hard copy and photograph will be saved in a file, along with a back-up on a computer file.
  8. Awards
Small Game Club Application