CBH/SAA Small Game Records

For more information about CBH/SAA Small Game Records, please contact the Small Game Club Chairman using the information below. You may also fill out the form provided to request information and send a sample of your small game animal.

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J Barr

Questons: wbwestmark@sbcglobal.net

Telephone: (949) 212-9150

Amanda Duchardt

Congratulations to Amanda Duchardt on her Bull Frog harvested for her small game species

Brandon Maynard

Congratulations Brandon Maynard for harvesting and recording his fox to the small game record book.

Brad Grap

We don’t need no stinking shotguns” Says Brad Grap while holding his HUGE Canadian Honker he harvested with his bow and flu flu during the regular waterfowl season. Congratulations Brad on another small game species to add on your growing list in earning your double eagle award

Congradulations to Brad Grap on adding an Eurasian to his growing Small Game Species list.

Congratulations to Wayne Raupe on his Prussian Carp 49th small game animal taken with his bow.

Congratulations to Travis Scott on his addition “Striped Skunk” to his growing list of small game animals taken. Proves that if you aim small you can hit small. Congratulations Travis.

Congratulations to Richard Corona in taking these three species and earning his way to reach 35 species to achieve the golden eagle award.


Ground Squirrel

White Tailed Antelope Squirrel